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How To Care For You Marking Machine Lense & Galvo

When you purchase a marking machine, the only part of the machine that doesn't come under any guaranty and warranty is your marking machine lense that is fixed on the galvo head. However, it is very simple to clean and maintain this integral part of your machine to help increase its durability and life.

Here are some do's and don'ts to help preserve you marking machine lense:


  • Always keep your lense covered when the machine is not in use

  • Only use a microfiber cloth to clean your machine lense. This cloth is also used to clean specks and other wearable glasses.

  • Only use 90% Isopropyl alcohol to clean your lense and no other liquids such as water, colin, sanitizer etc.

  • Clean all the internal lenses of the galvo once a week


  • Never clean your machine with a dirty, dusty our rough cloth.

  • Never clean your lense with any sort of air or air compressors as it can cause moisture/water to damage your lense.

  • Never blow hot air on your machine lense on your lense as it may cause it to crack.

The main thing that needs to be protected in terms of the machines lense is the surface coating of the lense. By protecting the surface of the lense from scratch or damage can keep the lense safe for a long time and increase it's durability and life.


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